Cello Tuner

Our cello tuner makes it extremely easy to tune your cello. Simply click the buttons below to play the pitch of each cello string and match the pitch of your corresponding string to the sound you hear. If you need more instructions on how to use our cello tuner, see the cello tuner instructions below.

A: 440.000Hz
D: 293.665Hz
G: 195.998Hz
C: 130.800Hz

Cello Tuner Instructions

Use this cello tuner to make sure your cello is tuned correctly! Here are some instructions on how to tune your cello:

  1. Beginning with the A string, push the button below corresponding with the string
  2. If you have fine tuners, try turning the tuners until the string you’re playing matches the pitch below
  3. If your cello is really out of tune (or you don’t have fine tuners), you may need to use the pegs to tune. Tighten the tuning peg slowly and carefully. Play the note without stopping and listen as the string is tightened towards the correct pitch. Remember to tighten gradually by a few millimeters at a time.
    Caution: Turning the pegs too tight can lead to the string breaking
  4. Repeat for the remainder of the strings

For additional help tuning, watch the video on the right.

Tips for Cello Tuning

  • For advanced cellists, you may choose to tune by ear or use any of the following: a peg or fine tuner, the piano, pitch pipe or digital tuner
  • When using pegs, loosening or tightening a string by just a few millimeters can make a lot of difference in the sound
  • The cello is tuned in perfect fifths at C3, G3, D4 and A4.
  • Always tune from below the note so the string would not be intensely stretched. An overstretched string is likely to snap. As for the sequence, try tuning the A string first, followed by the D, G and C strings.

Cello Tuners

Tuning your cello is necessary before playing. If the electronic tuner above does not suit you, you can get an electronic cello tuner as well. Some of the best cello tuners on the market are below. For a more comprehensive list, check out this guide on the best tuners for cellos.

Korg TM50BK Cello Tuner

81tmmR9QKwL._SL1500_1-300x202 Cello Tuner

The Korg TM50BK Cello Tuner is our favorite cello tuner. It’s got a ton of features including both a tuner and a metronome. To tune your instrument, simply play the string you’re trying to tune and the needle on the screen will move to tell you whether the string is sharp or flat. You can use the metronome and tuner simultaneously, which makes this tuner unique.

  • Two-level backlight that enhances the visibility of the LCD display
  • Newly designed needle-style LCD for excellent response
  • Great tuning accuracy
  • Easy tempo settings that all you to adjust the tempo in micro-increments

See KorgTM50BK on Amazon

KLIQ UberTuner – Clip-On Tuner for Viola

61iUytXiN-L._SL1500_1-300x232 Cello Tuner

The KLIQ UberTuner is super easy to use. Simply clip the tuner onto your cello and its microprocessors will pick up the current pitch of the string, telling you which way to adjust it. Its small size makes this cello tuner a great option for the frequent traveler.

  • FAST & ACCURATE: UberTuner’s advanced Micro Processor and highly sensitive Piezo Sensor will ensure your instrument is accurately tuned in a flash.
  • SUPER BRIGHT DISPLAY: Large color display allows you to easily see if you’re flat, sharp, or dead-on from any angle.
  • EASY TO USE: Turn it on, clip it on, and you’re ready to tune.
  • RELIABLE: With a strong and durable design, this tuner was built to last.

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Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip On Tuner

61uOobQeEjL._SL1500_1-209x300 Cello Tuner

Similar to the KLIQ UberTuner above, the Snark ST-8 is a lower-cost, super-simple clip on tuner. At about half the price, the Snark is a reliable cello tuner that does exactly what you need, no more no less.

  • Super Tight Tuning
  • Brighter EZ Read Display
  • Display Rotates 360 degrees
  • Tap Tempo Metronome
  • Pitch Calibration and Transpose Features

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Artisan Metronome Tuner Clip

41kKBqFXUjL1-1-300x258 Cello Tuner

A hybrid between the Korg tuner/metronome above and the clip on tuners, the Artisan Metronome Tuner Clip offers the convenience of the clip-on tuner with the added functionality of a metronome. If you are a fan of the clip-on style, but want more features, this is the tuner for you.

  • HIGH ACCURACY & SENSITIVITY: Vibration Technology Gives Perfect Tuning in even the Noisiest Settings
  • 360 degree ROTATABLE CLIP: Provides a Clear View of the LCD Display From Any Angle, on Every Instrument
  • LOUD VERSATILE METRONOME TUNER: Tick volume up to 100dB, 8 Rhythms, 9 Beats, BPM range of 30 to 250, extends upto 280 BPM

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