Best Cello Stands 2023

Cellos are heavy instruments and having to put them away in their cases every time you are finished playing can become annoying very quickly. Cello stands give you an easy way to store your cello while keeping it on display for everyone to see. They are great additions to living rooms, music rooms, and even bedrooms. Similar to a violin or viola hanger, cello stands provide elegant display options.

Regardless of why you want one, cello stands are great accessories that make storing your instrument when not in use very simple. No more trying to balance your cello while you try to put a soft case over it or hiding your cello away in a closet somewhere. Cello stands easily hold up your cello so storing your instrument is as simple as putting your cello on the stand. Below you’ll find a list of the best cello stands that you can use for storing your cello.

Best Overall Cello Stand

The PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Stand is our favorite cello stand because it is stylish as well as extremely portable. Used in many music shop showrooms, this cello stand was actually featured in Strings Magazine and it is also the highest-rated quality cello stand on Amazon. It requires no setup, just unfold and you’re ready to go!

  • Easy set-up

  • Well-padded

  • Featured in Strings Magazine

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Best Wooden Cello Stand

If you’re looking for an elegant, but semi-permanent cello stand, this Aileen cello stand should make the cut. It is handcrafted and has an elegant finish. The interior is lined with velvet and foam padding to ensure the safety of your cello.

  • Weighs 7lbs

  • Handcrafted

  • Elegant

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Most Elegant Cello Stand

This elegant cello stand is great for showing off your cello. It fits with almost any decor and is sure to wow your visitors. The best part about it is that it shows off the entire cello body, so you can proudly display your cello in all of its beauty.

  • Hand carved wood

  • Weighs 11 lbs

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Best Value Cello Stand

If you’re simply looking for a stand for a cello and don’t really care about how it looks or lasts over time, the Kuyal makes a great option. It’s affordable for almost everyone at less than $30, can support 1/8-4/4 sized cellos, and is easy to transport. A great option if you aren’t ready to commit to one of the pricier options above.

  • Affordable

  • Very adjustable

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Christino Artist Wooden Cello Stand

This is an absolutely stunning cello stand that adds depth to any music room. It is made from solid walnut wood and lined with velvet to provide a protective layer for your cello. The best part about this stand is that it even comes with a bow holder, something none of the other cello stands on this list can say. This makes this wooden cello stand the only stand that can be used by itself without another case to hold a bow.

We love how elegantly carved this cello stand is. Each stand is individually crafted so you can be sure the carved artwork is of the utmost quality. THe only concern we have is shipping this stand. As it is quite delicate, we highly recommend that you check your cello stand when you receive it for any damage that might have occurred in shipping.

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Stagg SV-CE Adjustable Foldable Stand for Cello

A cello stand created by one of the more popular cello brands, the Stagg cello stand features everything you could want from a cello stand. It is constructed of a metal base with an ABS support to securely support your cello, but it can be easily folded for travel.

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Zither Wooden Cello Stand

The Zither wooden cello stand is an elegant stand that will certainly stand out in any house. The stand is handcrafted from mahogany using the natural color of the wood as a statement. Once handcrafted, the wood is polished with natural oil. This stand is extremely durable and has a 48″ clearance, perfect for any full-size instrument.

71Y9neBS1kL._SL1500_1-300x300 Best Cello Stands 2023


Whichever cello stand you end up choosing, make sure you test it before you trust it with your valuable instrument. Fold and unfold the traveling cello stands to make sure yours won’t collapse as soon as you put the cello on it. Most cello stands are very similar with the main differences being in weight and pressure rating. Both of these traits ultimately influence the price of the cello stand which is why cello stands with better pressure ratings and less weight tend to be more expensive.

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