11 Great Gifts for Cellists 2023

Need a gift for a favorite cello player? Finding the right cello gifts for them can be tough, but don’t fear! Below are the hottest gifts for cello players that your favorite cellist will absolutely love. Feel free to list your favorite cello gifts in the comments!

1. New Strings

The rising cost of cello strings over the last decade has made many cellists unwilling or unable to replace their strings on a regular basis. Cellists are supposed to change their cello strings at least once a year, so they’ll be very grateful for this gift and they might even play you a song with their new strings!

We recommend the following string brands per our best cello strings review:

Pirastro – Evah Pirazzi Gold

Used by professionals and beginners alike, Pirazzis offer a complex and warm tone with excellent projection and dynamic responsiveness.

Pirastro-Evah-Pirazzi-Gold-44-Cello-String-Set-Medium-Gauge-0-300x300 11 Great Gifts for Cellists 2023

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Thomastik-Infeld – Spirocore

Very responsive sound that is both brilliant and powerful.

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2. Cello Jewelry

If your cellist loves jewelry, you can always buy them a cello necklace or earrings.

3. An Electric Cello

Every cellist who has every dreamed of being in a rock band or rock orchestra will love this. Electric cellos combine the beautiful sounds of cellos with the cool factor of being able to hook up to an amplifier and jam out. Most of the beginner electric cello outfits come with everything your cellist needs to get started so there’s no need to buy anything else. We’ve even done a review of the best electric cellos for you.

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4. Cello T-shirts

Cellists are notoriously proud of their instrument and will love the chance to show off the fact that they play the coolest instrument wherever they go. Get them one of these t-shirts and they will love wearing it around school and everywhere else they go! Make sure you buy a size that will fit your cellist. You may want to as for their size ahead of time.

5. Sheet Music

Cello players love learning new music and there is no better way of capturing their joy of playing the cello than picking a piece of music they’ll love. Learn about what your cello player likes playing before you buy the music. Do they like playing movie soundtracks (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc) or do they prefer classical pieces like Lalo’s Cello Concerto? Once you understand their preferences you’ll be able to pick out sheet music they’ll love!

6. Pickup for Cello

If you can’t afford an electric cello, this pickup is the next best thing. When paired with an amplifier, this pickup will make a standard acoustic cello sound like an electric guitar. Let your cellist wow your family with an intimate rock concert.

7. Cello Pencil/Pen Holder

This will be a cute addition to any cellist’s desk. Where else are they going to store their pencils when they’re not practicing?

8. Hard Case for Cellos

Most cello kits come with only a soft case which is not ideal for traveling with a cello since cellos will get scratches, dents, and cracks. Hard cases offer better protection for cellos by providing a fiberglass hard shell around the cello with extra padding inside. Your cellist will thank you the next time they travel.

9. Tickets to See Apocalyptica

Apocalyptica is the ultimate cello rock band. Known for performing covers of Metallica’s heavy metal albums, your cellist will be thrilled to see Apocalyptica live. See when they’ll be in a city near you.

10. Cello Tuner

Every cellist needs a tuner to make sure their instrument sounds right. The Snark tuner below will suffice for tuning a cello, but the Korg offers additional features such as a built-in metronome to make sure your cellist stays with the beat.

11. 3D Cello Puzzle

If your cellist likes puzzles, get them this 3D paper puzzle cello. It will become a cute desk decoration. Not the size/dimensions.

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Bonus: Gift Card to Music Store

Since most cellists have their own preferences for strings, rosin, etc. it might be a safer bet to just get them a gift card to a music store. You can try going to your local music shop and asking for gift cards or try giving them an Amazon or Shar music gift card if they’d prefer to shop online.


amazon-gift-card1-300x189 11 Great Gifts for Cellists 2023

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shar1-300x206 11 Great Gifts for Cellists 2023

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