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Best Cello Chairs 2020 | Orchestra and Solo Guide

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Cellists spend a lot of time sitting down playing their instruments, so it's important that they have comfortable chairs to sit in while playing. Having the right cello chair prevents cellists from having back problems when they are sitting by offering plenty of comfort and position the chair in a lean-forward position so that they have optimal posture while playing cello. Read out to learn about our favorite cello chairs. Best Cello Chair Wenger Cellist Chair Wenger makes high quality cello chairs that are both comfortable

Best Cello Brands & Models 2020: Beginner & Intermediate Reviews

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A cello can be an expensive investment which makes buying the right cello paramount. You need a cello brand that is known for high-quality workmanship that not only shows through in the external beauty of the instrument, but also the sound. Our list is based on quality and affordability and is intended to help you select a high-value cello brand that fits within your budget. Every cello brand on this list may not suit your individual personality. You need to find a cello that sounds right to you and that you know you will play for a long time.