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8 Best Cello Endpin Stoppers and Rock Stops

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Endpin stops, also known as rock stops, are one of the main accessories cellists need. Since cellos are not anchored on a shoulder like a violin or viola, they need to be supported by the floor via the endpin. In order to prevent this endpin from slipping, you need to either have a very sharp endpin, preferably made from silicone-carbide, or a great endpin stop. To make sure you get the right cello endpin stop read our list of the best cello endpin stoppers and best cello rock stops below. Imagine not have a great endpin stop and

10 Best Cello Bows Review

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Buying the best cello bow is just as important as buying the right cello. The right cello bow can make a mediocre cello sound like a Stradivarius. Okay, we may be exaggerating a bit, but buying the best cello bow is a critical component of the cello buying experience. Before making your decision from the cello bows below, we highly recommend reading our guide on how to buy a cello bow. Types of Cello Bows There are three main types of cello bows. Most beginner cello outfits come with a fiberglass bow which is sturdy