904, 2017

How to Sell a Cello

With the end of the school year coming soon, you may be wondering how to sell your cello. Whether you are trying to sell your cello at a store, online, or trading it in, you want to make sure you get the best price and deal with an honest buyer. Selling your cello can be a difficult process if you don't know where you can list your cello for sale or find buyers. While there isn't a lot of information on the Internet about how to sell your cello, we hope this guide will help you determine how and where to

2803, 2017

8 Best Cello Endpin Stoppers and Rock Stops

Endpin stops, also known as rock stops, are one of the main accessories cellists need. Since cellos are not anchored on a shoulder like a violin or viola, they need to be supported by the floor via the endpin. In order to prevent this endpin from slipping, you need to either have a very sharp endpin, preferably made from silicone-carbide, or a great endpin stop. To make sure you get the right cello endpin stop read our list of the best cello endpin stoppers and best cello rock stops below. Imagine not have a great endpin stop and having your cello fly

2303, 2017

10 Best Cello Bows Review

Buying the right cello bow is just as important as buying the right cello. The right cello bow can make a mediocre cello sound like a Stradivarius. Okay, we may be exaggerating a bit, but buying the right cello bow is a critical component of the cello buying experience. Before making your decision from the cello bows below, we highly recommend reading our guide on how to buy a cello bow. Types of Cello Bows There are three main types of cello bows. Most beginner cello outfits come with a fiberglass bow which is sturdy enough to handle accidents that

2102, 2017

Top 10 Best Cello Strings of 2017

It’s a New Year so we have a new ranking of the best cello strings! Our rankings have changed slightly from last year due to additional testing we did. In particular, our number one viola string recommendation changed this year to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold. Cello strings are one of the most important parts of the cello as they, when combined with a bow, ultimately produce the beautiful tones that cellos are known for so it is therefore it is vital for you to pick the best cello strings. Given the wide variety of cellos available and the uniqueness inherent in each

1002, 2017

10 Great Online Resources for Cellists

Cellists today are extremely lucky that most of the resources they could ever need can be found online. From sheet music to ordering a new bridge, the Internet has everything both the budding and professional cellist needs. It is hard to imagine that only a few decades ago, musicians could only interact with those in their community to learn about the best teachers, practices, and products. Sometimes this information was in trade journals or classical music magazines, but it was still difficult to find. Now all of that information is a click away. Thankfully, people have consolidated all of that

802, 2017

Lalo Cello Concerto Review

Lalo may be not the most recognizable composer, but the Lalo cello concerto is a remarkable piece that should be in the repertoire of every cellist. When it was first performed, the Lalo cello concerto had such a great reception that it was played again the very next week. IMSLP Entry: http://imslp.org/wiki/Cello_Concerto_(Lalo,_%C3%89douard)   History and Structure Édouard Lalo composed his Cello Concerto in D minor in 1876. He wrote it in collaboration with the Belgian cellist Adolphe Fischer. The premiere of the piece happened the following year at the Cirque d'Hiver. Adolphe Fischer played the